What is X?

‘X’ is the Biteable Design System — a considered collection of resources to help you create Biteable-flavored design and content. Come here to understand our brand and creative vision, align with our philosophy, and access tooling.


This is a living document and should be treated as such. Biteable designers manage this website, and we encourage your input to improve the documentation. Contact us through the usual channels for suggestions, bug reports and improvements.


X is in draft as of September 2019

  • The X icon mimics the ‘fullscreen’ video icon and represents an immersive video experience.
  • X is the X-factor — the intangible something that makes an experience special.
  • X is a multiplier — the power of the design system to unlock better, faster design.
  • The 4 arrows represent the system going out from the core (to all our products).
  • The 4 arrows in negative space represent input from outside the system coming in to inform the system.